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Our leadership in multiple disciplines puts us in a unique place.
As an engineering specialist, we have fueled innovation at several leading startups and Fortune 500 companies. Challenging assignments, the quality of our engineers and a high level of commitment to our clients sets us apart from the crowd.

Cyber criminals don’t stand still and neither do we. From thoroughly assessing current defenses, identifying gaps and remediating accordingly, through to continuous monitoring and proactive hunting of new and advanced threats, our range of cybersecurity services helps our clients rapidly improve their security posture. 

Our Services

Security Assessment Services

Ebryx provides comprehensive security assessment services so you can identify vulnerabilities – whether in the source code that underpins your software or in your network infrastructure – and deal with them efficiently thus reducing your exposure to risk. (…)     

Detection and Response Services

The ability to continuously monitor the whole network and hunt for threats designed to evade traditional measures shouldn’t only be the preserve of large Enterprises. With Ebryx it isn’t. See how you can leverage the benefits of our Detection and Response solutions. (…)   

Incident Response

In today’s climate, organizations know it is a matter of time before they are breached. Time is critical. Knowing what to do and how best to do it can prevent an incident escalating into a crisis. Our experience in IR and Forensics means we can step in and resolve the situation with minimal fuss, giving you peace of mind and ensuring your business continues to function smoothly. (…)   

Cloud Security

Cyber Criminals continue to target data and assets regardless of their physical location. Securing the crown jewels in the cloud is no less important than securing them while on-premise. Ebryx Cloud Security is designed to help you do just that. (…)   

Tailored Security for Startups

Though startups face the same challenges as other organizations, stretched budgets often mean security is an afterthought – with potentially devastating consequences. With Ebryx as your partner, it doesn’t have to be that way. (…)    

Security Product Development

Work with a team of security researchers, architects and engineers who can develop, manage and support cutting edge security solutions for network, endpoint, cloud and IoT environments – from initial idea to commercialization and beyond. (…)    

Security Product Testing

Get your security product tested for higher detection efficacy and robustness against the most sophisticated attacks and emerging threats from a team that has over a million hours of security product testing under its belt. (…)     

Malware and Threat Research

Our malware and threat research enables our partners to devise defenses and counter-strategies. The research spans exploits and vulnerabilities, through to advanced malware and targeted attacks. The research spans exploits and vulnerabilities, through to advanced malware and targeted attacks. (…)     

Full Stack Development

Ebryx, by virtue of its decade long experience of full stack development, excels at engineering Enterprise Applications, Web Solutions and Mobility Solutions to help businesses drive Digital Transformation. With an ever increasing portfolio of applications combining exhilarating user experience and tantalizing user interface design, our team builds truly world class solutions. (…)       

Data-Science & Machine Learning

Benefit from the rich experience of our data science team to solve complex problems, develop custom machine learning and big data applications, automate business processes, enhance customer experience and gain an edge over your competitors. By collecting and processing large sets of data our team has the capability to perform real-time and near real-time analytics. (…)       

Multimedia & Video Analytics

We provide advanced products featuring multimedia streaming integration and Audio/Video processing, which includes advanced video editing and 360° panoramic video encoding and streaming. Our team has developed an AI powered video analytics platform that provides insights into human behavior and engagement with the physical environment. Potential use cases span the retail industry, physical security and traffic and parking management. (…)    

Location-Based Solutions

Location-based end-to-end applications with real-time data to enhance the customer’s indoor and outdoor experiences through proactive customer engagement. Our applications allow the aggregation of data from multiple sources for fast access to place, events, deals and other information of interest. Our applications allow the aggregation of data from multiple sources for fast access to place, events, deals and other information of interest. (…)     

Cloud Based B2B Applications

Our expertise in modern cloud based platforms helps you to scale and strategically improve return on IT infrastructure spending. We enable digital transformation of our customers through industry leading, turf-tested industry leading, turf-tested cloud service providers, partnering with you to define a clear roadmap for transitioning towards the cloud or transforming your existing cloud infrastructure. (…)     

IoT and Embedded Engineering

The Ebryx embedded systems team has in-depth domain knowledge and expertise including bare metal programming, ARM + FPGA setups, embedded firmware and device driver development, embedded virtualization and LTE/LTE-A stack development. Among others, we have served the automotive, cyber security, telecom and wireless communications industries. (…)      

About Us
Protection Beyond Expectation

What drives us is a passion for technology and a resolute commitment to exceed the expectations of our customers. Our identity as a cybersecurity leader has been forged from an engineering heritage, one that we remain true to. Together with our partners, we have a global footprint, enabling us to serve clients across the world. At the heart of all we do are our people, embodying the Ebryx culture – hard working, technically excellent and fiercely customer-centric. 

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